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Class presidents were given bonus points that would be added to allow earlier transfers to the next class over. In turn, they had the responsibility of handling all the trifling matters. Each class already had a set of rules that had been formed naturally through time.


"You will be the squad 7's main supporter. You're weak in close combat, however, your psychic strength is excellent so this position is perfect for yourself."


He was still young, but he prioritized the safety of his younger siblings over himself. He had to become an adult much faster than other children.


The knife skimmed past Han's chest. Thanks to his under armor, only his battle gear got ripped. Han pushed the Elu back with a kick and took out the spear he had on his back. He threw the leather cover on the floor and held his spear. Blue light glowed from his eyes.


Han brought up squad 7's data to his mind. Squad 7 did not have an outstanding psyker like Kuro or Simon, but overall everyone excels in combat and personal skills. This had been the ultimate reason Han had never had a chance to utilize his skills.


Jose and Kuro didn't have the fastest memorization skills. It would be impossible to memorize everything perfectly in such a short period of time.

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There was someone who was smoking, and there was another soldier who sat down eating a snack. The soldier took out jerky to eat. Cats began gathering around the soldier.


Han and the other children were given three weeks to get familiar with the Ark. After three weeks, they would be incorporated in with the first years.


Karlheinz rejected the handshake. His handsome face dripped in cold sweat. Inside, he feared Han greatly. Thus, he spoke with a colder attitude.


Han let Silence guide him around the training halls. It seems if one doesn't make a reservation, it would be impossible to use the most up-to-date training halls with the latest technology.


While preparing this and that, the day had already grown completely dark. Nothing could be seen in this darkness.


Han shortly briefed. He could hear the chaotic back noise through the communication line. He could hear guns being fired and bombs exploding.


"Sergeant Red can't differentiate between the things he likes and hates. He treats everyone the same. He bullies the people he hates, and he bullies the people he likes as well."



Kuro gave a light salute and returned to his room. Han also returned to his room. Han laid down on his bed from fatigue. Drowsiness overwhelmed him. He organized all the elements of today's match carefully.



'The Western Army had better military strength and tactics. However, Han who had been placed the sweeper had exceeded everyone's expectations. There are times when everything becomes futile.'


Laocha was only dubbed a corporal, but he was different from any common corporal that could be found in Ark. The titles given to the soldiers of Ark were merely for formality and convenience's sake.


Simon stressed over and over. From that day on, Han gave up his snacks to Simon without a bit of regret.

  • The Squad 9 members said. Squad 9 and 13 did not have the best relationship. However, such trivial things did not matter now. Whether they were rivals, allies, or sworn enemies in Ark, nothing mattered. At this moment, they had to fight against the same enemy.
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