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Kuro reached the limit of his psychic powers. The psychic light of his eyes flickered. The psychic hand in the air grew faint then formed once again. The missile trapped in the hand began to inch forward once again.


The other-dimensional wolf with thick, grey fur. These were the dragon army's minions and a legendary monster. A single werewolf was sprinting toward Han.


Han moved to the backside of the dimensional crack. Silence and Simon moved to the front side of the Elu tribe. Silence and Simon lowered their body once they drew closer to the previous camp location.


Han said bitterly. Instructor Wei chuckled. Han's mind was going in circles. He had come here to get some advice, instead he was getting lectured.


He used minimal psychic energy to telekinetically crack open the door. As soon as the door opened, the Elu's blade struck out.


Han had witnessed his fair share of deaths among the year 2 military drills. Many trained by running mock situations that were similar to what would happen in the squad battles.

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During the operation, there is a stage when psychic energy is induced. They would force their psychic energies to circulate more naturally around their body so that they would have an easier time using their powers.


Cold sweat fell from Kijo's forehead. The steel rubbish bin next to him was instantly crushed. The rubbish bin was crumpled into the size of a tiny fist through telekinesis.


'Jose is skilled in close combat, he's good at fighting together as a team, and he pays attention to his teammates before making his next move.'


"I can't use telekinesis like Kuro, but I thought fine tuning my strength with telekinesis was a plausible solution. If I failed, nothing could be helped. But, it would be better than doing nothing, right? The idea suddenly popped into my head and I went ahead and tried it."


Karlheinz was taken aback. He accepted his leading position while scratching his head. He spoke while looking to Han.


"No, they were of the Elu tribe. Hunter type. It's possible that they will work together with werewolves."


A short yelp reverberated. Han consecutively shot his gun until he emptied his magazine. The other team began cursing from within the smoke.



The Elu mage had remained in hiding for the past ten years. It was cunning and careful. Yet, the Elu mage did not escape this dangerous situation and chose to remain near the dimensional crack.



Instructor Wei scratched his chin. Being ambidextrous was highly advantageous for a martial artist. Through switching hands, one can plan irregular attacks.


"Remain silent about all topics that relate to Squad Whiskey, Han. The higher-ups have not received a report on this secret military operation. People from the committee will attempt to dig some information out of you. Simon has also been informed of this as well."


Han had experiences that others in Ark had not. These experiences could not be forcefully learned through artificial training drills. The chances of someone surviving through such circumstances were slim.

  • Class D's president was now vacant and so when Sergeant Red appeared, a vote of class president began.
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